Bringing citizens and governments together to actualize good governance

Every human society struggles with creating effective ways to engage citizens in a constructive dialog toward good policies.

An equitable and just society requires governance that is responsible, transparent, accountable, inclusive, effective, responsive. For developing countries, good governance is also key to eliminating reliance on development assistance. However, governments worldwide continue to struggle to meet–in many cases, actively resist meeting–this goal.

EWB is investing in work that seeks to shape governments in North America and Africa into more effective systems, with policies and practices that reflect the realities and incorporate the views of their citizens.

EWB’s current ventures contributing to this area of learning and action include:


VOTO amplifies the voice of the under-heard. Using SMS or voice services in local languages, our innovative notification and survey platforms are improving communication between citizens and the governments, organizations, and businesses that serve them. Click here to go to the VOTO website.

Location: Ghana + Africa expansion                                                    Venture leader: Louis Dorval

Water and Sanitation Malawi (WatSan)

Changing the water and sanitation sector, through a suite of innovations and policy influence, to enable permanent institutions to effectively deliver sustainable services at scale.

Location: Malawi                                              Venture leaders: Alyssa Lindsay & Duncan McNicholl

Governance and Rural Infrastructure (GaRI)

Changing the way local government planning and implementation is carried out through information systems, evidence-based decision making, and strengthening local taxation.

Location: Ghana                                                                                  Venture leader: Merlin Chatwin

Citizen Attaché citoyen (CA) (formerly By the People)

Platform to increase citizen engagement and responsiveness to Canadian international policy.

Location: Ottawa, Canada                                                                          Venture leader: Ian Froude

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