Building more inclusive global markets

Every human society struggles with defining the role of business and making sure it serves society by maximizing social, economical and environmental returns. Every human society struggles with providing enough food, and dealing with using market mechanisms that are both equitable and efficient.

Shared value business and ethical investment are important avenues through which developing countries can improve their economies and societies, while moving away from a reliance on aid.

EWB is investing in making markets more inclusive, particularly for small and growing African enterprises that often experience difficulty finding investment capital and support. In particular, we are currently putting an emphasis on making agriculture systems more inclusive for small scale farmers.

EWB’s current ventures contributing to this area of learning and action include:

Agricultural Value Chains (AVC)

Influencing market facilitation projects to develop more effective behavior change principles and operations, which will grow small-holder wealth through increased connection to input/output agricultural markets.

Location: Africa                                                                               Venture leader: Mike Klassen

Business Development Services & Mobile Business Clinics (BDS)

Offering technical services (such as business dashboards, management training, etc) to medium sized businesses in Africa. Paid for by impact investors (thereby influencing their approach to investments). Also delivering these services to “pre-investment” businesses to make them investment ready (for impact investors).

Location: Africa                                                                               Venture leader: Sarah Grant

Growth Mozaic

Building Ghanaian capacity (individuals, companies) for making technical investments in early stage businesses.

Location: Ghana                                                                              Venture leader: Wayne Miranda

Kulemela Investments

Financial and technical investments in mid-stage agricultural businesses for which there is a funding gap ($10,000 – $200,000 investments), giving a market rate of return to investors in North America. Click here for more info.

Location: Ghana                                                          Venture leader: Mark Brown & Mina Shahid

Agricultural Extension (AgEX)

Improving agricultural extension innovation through investment in agricultural colleges and government institutions

Location: Ghana                                             Venture leader: Erin Antcliffe & Miriam Hird-Younger

Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN)

A network that supports a shift in Canadian consumption toward more ethical choices through purchasing policy influence, new product development, public marketing, and government advocacy.

Location: Vancouver, Canada                                                     Venture leader: Sean McHugh

Rent to Own

Filling the financing gap ($1,000 – $5,000 loans) for small-scale businesses in rural Zambia/Africa.

Location: Zambia                                                                       Venture leader: Mark Hemsworth

Mining for Africa

Influencing the Canadian mining sector to change their paradigm of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to emphasize more systemic and meaningful impacts on host economies.

Location: Global                                                                                         Venture leader: Jeff Geipel


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