EWB’s Values

During the summer of 2009, EWB invited its membership and other stakeholders across Canada as well as volunteer-staff in Africa to contribute to discussions around the organizations values and beliefs. Over 250 people gathered in dozens of groups and shared their thoughts and ideas. The input was compiled, refined and articulated into a final list of values and beliefs! For the first time in years, Engineers Without Borders had a direction that is true to who we are, true to what we do, and true to what we want to accomplish.

Address root causes for impact

We start by clearly defining the impact that we want to help bring about, and then think through the complexity of social change so that our actions target root causes.

Strive for Humility

We learn by being open – open to new ideas from anywhere and anyone, and open about our mistakes.

Invest in people

We know that true change will require a movement of socially-minded leaders. We support and invest in each other to help build this movement together.

Courageously Commit

All change begins within ourselves. We commit to personal growth through regular self-assessment and have the courage to ask for feedback.

Ask tough questions

We only improve when we ask tough questions about our past, present, and future work to determine if we are having the maximum impact for Dorothy.

Dream Big & Work Hard

We strive to make the impossible possible, through a combination imagination, hard work, innovation, passion and a willingness to take risks.

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