Chapter Vision

Poverty is many things – on the surface, it is the inability to obtain adequate food, water shelter and basic health care, all of which are necessary for a decent human existence. At a deeper level, poverty is inextricably complex and caused by a number of factors such as poor or inadequate: governance, infrastructure, economic policies, laws (and/or their implementation) and political leaders (to name a few). Above all, the dynamics of poverty and power cannot be overlooked.

Reducing and eliminating poverty cannot be engineered. The solutions have to come from the very communities affected by poverty because they know their situation the best. EWB’s work involves working with communities across Africa from young entrepreneurs and farmers to teachers and local governments, to create sustainable, positive change.

The EWB Ottawa City chapter, located in Canada’s capital, the centre of power and politics, envisions creating and cultivating a community of engaged and critically-thinking individuals who are passionate about international development and who question the status quo or established paradigms of the field. We endeavour to establish a vibrant community centered around the Ottawa city chapter, engaged through three primary focal areas: a) advocacy; b) member investment; and c) corporate engagement, working towards advancing, and contributing to, EWB’s efforts here at home and across Africa.

Ultimately, we see great untapped potential in the city of Ottawa to be a part of this movement towards the elimination of poverty and invite you to be a part of it.

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