Member Investment

Position: Director of Member Investment (alternate titles: VP Member Investment; Member Investment Officer; VP Member Learning)

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Salary: unpaid; voluntary

Number of hours: 1-3 hours/week

Position overview

As part of the executive leadership team, the Director of Member Investment is responsible for ensuring quality learning opportunities to the Ottawa community. EWB Ottawa believes that developing leaders who have a strong foundation on topics of international development are best positioned to affect positive change. In this light, the Director of Member Investment is tasked to focus on both developing leadership qualities within members as well as providing opportunities to learn about development.

General involvement/participation in EWB Ottawa Chapter activities that are not necessarily part of the regular position duties is expected (i.e. Annual fundraiser, member learning, etc.)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Finding quality speakers/commentators that either have worked or are working in the international development field and engaging with them to present their research/work
  • Developing and maintaining the Member Investment portion of the Chapter Year Plan where topics of learning are defined.
  • Maintain a list of books, articles and documentaries about issues on international development available on EWB Ottawa website.
  • Work with Communications Officer to make Member Investment content available online
  • Assembling teams to coordinate the logistics of Member Investment events.
  • In coordination with the African Programs Support Officer, providing the executive team periodic updates from African Program Staff and Professional Fellows that are supported by EWB Ottawa.


This position does not require any specific experience, however it is considered an asset if the candidate has any of the following experience:

  • Education/Teaching
  • Workshop/Stakeholder engagement or community outreach
  • Prior EWB-related involvement (student/city chapter, national office, social change fellow, etc)

Application procedure

Please send a cover letter and resume to outlining your interest and suitability for this position.

Connect with us! Start a conversation or post on our EWB Ottawa Facebook Group, follow us on Twitter.

We thank all candidates who reply and will endeavour to send a response on our decision to move further with your application (either way) or to suggest an alternate role according to our needs.

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