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Applications Deadline: March 25th at 11:59PM!

What is a Professional Fellow?

The Professional Fellowship (ProF) is a short-term overseas placement from August to December.  The Professional Fellowship Program was created to build a new generation of leaders in the development sector. It helps fuel EWB chapters to sustain and build their knowledge and passion about human development and provides them with on-the-ground experience.

Through participating in the Professional Fellowship Program, ProFs will become skilled and experienced agents of change, able to contribute to the work of our partner agencies overseas and help Canadians understand, through sharing their first hand experiences, the challenges facing people in the developing world.

Program Structure

As a ProF you’ll become a short-term staff member of one of EWB’s Systemic Change Ventures. You may be working with a District Water Office in Malawi to understand how to improve water point management by rural communities, or an agricultural social enterprise bringing extension services to small-scale farmers through their mobile phones. You’ll only work on meaningful, long-term, systemic change projects and your learning and action will directly influence the strategic thinking of our African Ventures. You’ll have the freedom and responsibility to modify your job description as you learn and as you integrate into a local community and begin to understand the culture. You’ll also bring strategic systems thinking skills, humility, and a willingness to learn to the venture team, and in turn receive dedicated and focused personal and professional development coaching.

There are three components of the placement:

  1.  Pre-departure Preparation:
    Prior to the Africa component of the placement, ProF’s work through 4 months of individual and team based preparation during foundation learning. Pre-departure preparation finishes off with 1 week of intense group based experiential learning for all ProF’s in Toronto. This learning will happen at the end of July 2014.
  2. Africa Venture Placement:
    From August – December 2014 ProF’s will work on their venture-specific work assignment with coaching and support from EWB’s African Venture Staff. EWB believes that continuous investment in the ProF throughout their placement will allow them to contribute effectively to the venture’s systemic change. As such, each ProF will be matched with a coach, and will attend 1) a 2-day in-country briefing, 2) a mid-placement country retreat and 3) an end-of-placement debrief.
  3. In-Canada Leadership:
    Upon returning to Canada in the middle of December, ProF’s are expected to take on leadership roles at their local city network. They’ll share their learning about the complexity of incubating systemic change in Africa and invest in chapter members and future ProF’s to develop their understanding on the change-making process.


Selection Process Timeline:

  • Application open – February 25th to March 25th, 2014
  • Interviews period – March 26th-April 15th, 2014
  • Foundational Learning – April to July, 2014
  • Pre-departure training (for both departure periods) – end of July, 2014
  • Contributing to Venture (Africa):
  • Summer departure: August to mid-December, 2014
  • Winter departure: February to mid-May, 2015
  • Debrief:
    Summer departure: mid-December, 2014
    Winter departure: mid-May, 2015


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Willingness to contribute to EWB’s activities in Ottawa upon return (e.g. give presentations about your experience)
  • Be available to live overseas from August to December 2014
  • Demonstrated problem solving, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Some of the characteristics we look for in ProF’s include problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and a great attitude, as well as the leadership and teamwork skills. We need people who can quickly understand, and analyse a problem and develop a solution that will create systemic change.
  • ProF’s need to be flexible, resilient and entrepreneurial while possessing humility and a commitment to learning.-You do NOT need to be an engineer to apply. You do NOT need to be an existing member of EWB to apply.


The cost of the placement itself is covered half by the Chapter and half by the ProF through their own fundraising efforts supported by the Chapter. These costs cover airfare, health insurance, living and program expenses. The chapter will also cover the cost of registration fees for the EWB conference in January 2015. ProFs are usually giving a modest daily stipend while overseas.

For additional information, please e-mail:


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