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Mining Shared Values

Mining Shared Value works to strengthen what it means to be a responsible mining company operating in a developing country – primarily by focusing on helping industry to maximize local procurement of goods and services.


Kulemela Investments is an ethical investment partnership that channels individual Canadian investor dollars into high potential, high impact, and under-financed African agribusinesses.

GEO (Global Engineering Outreach)

Global Engineering Outreach sees engineering differently – and seeks to fundamentally change public perception of what it means to be an engineer. Through innovative outreach and influential partnerships, this team works to
redefine the engineering profession.

GM (Growth Mosaic)

Growth Mosaic prepares scalable, small businesses in Africa to access and manage growth investment.

GEC (Global Engineering Curriculum)

Global Engineering Curriculum empowers engineering faculties and students to reach meaningful engineering education reform, towards a vision of a Global Engineer who can contribute positively to society, understand  complex social system challenges, and connect to community through purposeful leadership.

GaRI (Governance and Rural Infrastructure)

The Governance and Rural Infrastructure (G&RI) venture’s ultimate aim is to ensure access to rural, economic and social infrastructure that enables citizens to focus on their own poverty alleviation and livelihoods. Economic and social infrastructure includes; education, health, water and sanitation, women’s rights and gender, children and youth, mental health, physical disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS.

BDS (Business Development Services)

Business Development Services aligns enterprises, impact investors, and business consultants to drive sustainable change across Africa, believing that through the growth of socially conscious businesses, impact on small-holder farmers and front line employees can be both substantial and sustainable. By providing professional business development and capacity building services, BDS enables enterprises to scale up and improve their operations, ultimately preparing them for investment.

CFTN (Canadian Fair Trade Network)

Fair Trade represents a systemic shift toward social sustainability – supporting the rights of individuals, families, and communities around the globe. The Canadian Fair Trade Network is designed specifically to foster relationships, knowledge sharing, and action to advance Fair Trade in Canada, in the interest of civil society.

AVC (Agriculture Value Chain)

Agriculture Value Chains believes that functioning market systems will be significant forces for development, and sees great potential in markets that include and respond to the needs of smallholder farmers. The team currently works independently in the market development sectors of both Uganda

AgEx (Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services)

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services envisions an inclusive agricultural system that improves livelihoods, generates food security, and promotes sustainable human development. AgEx works to support the development of an innovative, coordinated, inclusive, and demand-driven agricultural extension and advisory system in Ghana.


AfriLEAD Institute is a leadership and enterprise development venture based in Ghana, working within the education sector to attract, enable and engage young people as leaders in social change. AfriLEAD believes that the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs can contribute innovatively and constructively to the development of African communities. AfriLEAD works to create change in society by preparing today’s students to be passionate and capable agents for change.

Watsan (Water and Sanitation)

Water and Sanitation envisions effective and sustainable rural Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) services for all. WatSan currently works across Malawi to shift the rural WASH sector from projectized approaches to a service-delivery model, where services are delivered by permanent institutions.


We believe that the best policies are created and implemented when they reflect the voice of those who will be affected. Our mission is to increase participation, transparency and accountability in the services delivered to citizens and empower communities to collect and share information to drive positive social change.

RtO (Rent to Own)

Rent to Own strives to see more productive assets being used properly in rural Zambia.
RtO makes it possible for entrepreneurs like Patricia, the baker with “the best buns in Katete,” to make a ten percent down payment on new equipment, then pay the remainder of the cost in ten monthly installments.

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